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Here are 5 things you should know about us:   

Our tenets for program design:


We get you. Whether you utilize an existing solution or a fully customized one, we want to understand you to ensure you get value from our work. 


We’re better together. There are myriads of quotes that underscore the merits of teamwork. We like those. Beyond that, learning is greater and more fun with others.


We believe diversity matters. We aim for diversity in thought, background, ethnicity and gender. 


We believe art matters. Art inspires us and we support artists.


We value connection above all. We not only learn by interacting with others, we thrive. 

All our programs and workshops incorporate these guiding principles: 


Equal + Exchange:  For effective collaboration, we need a sense of equality and an openness to exchange thoughts, ideas, feelings. We build all of our work to facilitate this. 


Experience + Reflect: All of our work includes a combination of active participation along with time to reflect on lessons and applications. 


System 1 + System 2: we integrate the two modes of thinking into our work.

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