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Experiencing your product or service from the perspective of your customer is important for success. You’ll enjoy stepping into your customer’s shoes with our programs. These are custom programs that incorporate the customer perspective in an interactive manner and allows for exploration of the customer experience.   

New Product Experience

We bring your new product offerings to life for your employees to help gain support in a product launch. Self-guided activities and live interactions help employees learn about and experience a new product. Each employee will receive a sample of the product presented with directions to join in on the Product Experience and walks them through three “acts” 1. The Customer Perspective, 2. Roleplay and 3. Tell Your Story. 

The Customer Experience

An interactive workshop that allows participants to understand the experience of their customers, provides an opportunity to experience scenarios as a team and define what success should look like. 

Design Thinking

We’re your partner in design thinking—our performers help bring empathy to life, co-create in ideation sessions, and deliver iterative script writing and/or performance for prototyping and testing. 

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