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Team Connection

Level up your team interactions with a variety of interactive exercises that build openness, effective communication and joy.


Let’s boost your team’s creativity with interactive sessions to increase confidence in sharing ideas and experience risk-taking.

Product Success

Step into your customer’s shoes and discover how you can deliver a better product or service experience. 

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New team? Need new energy for an established team? We got you! 

Workshops and programs include: 

||  Hello My Name Is  ||  A getting-to-know you session ideal for newly formed groups. 

||  Engagement for Change ||   Embed changes throughout teams with custom programs to communicate and embrace change. 

||  Improv Practice for Teams || A 5-week course to set a foundation for team cohesiveness and openness. 


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Want to think differently? Need to build confidence for sharing ideas? Try us.

Workshops and programs include: 

|| Improv Practice for Creativity ||  A 5-week course to build capacity for team risk-taking and to enhance idea generation.  

|| Co-creation || An unordinary ideation session in collaboration with improv actors.

|| Design Thinking || Our performers bring empathy to life, and create iterative performances for prototyping and testing

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Do you have a good sense your customers' experience? You will.

Workshops and programs include: 

|| Product Launch Go! ||  Get participants to experience a new product from the customer perspective for better understanding and support.  

|| Live the Customer Experience ||  Roleplaying and simulations with active participation from attendees for lasting lessons.

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